Sorts of finishes, surfaces

Sorts of finishes, surfaces

The surface of the slabs can be rough or smooth, it depends on the function  the stone will have in our close surroundings. When choosing the texture of the surface we follow the good taste and also the safety of our clients. 

The rough surface we obtain by flame treating – this process is that we peel the top layer of the stone with the use of flame thanks to which a rough anti-slide surface is formed. The product which is finished in this way is used in the floor outdoor designs. 

Inside rooms we use polished slabs, that  show the beauty of the stone, its veins, colour and internal structure. 

When we decide to buy stone slabs, we should remember about finishes of the sides. Our company offers standard finishes that are available on the market. Half-roller, quarter-roller, the straight side, owl’s beak, big phase, these are the forms of the finishes that are chosen the most often. To make the thickness look bigger, we use the straight or 45º. We are able to fulfil all of our clients’ ideas according to our technical possibilities. 

The finishing offer 

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